What To Wear For Paintball: Items You Should Must Consider

Choosing the right attire for paintball is crucial, and newcomers often wonder about it. The reassuring news is, you don’t have to invest in a full military wardrobe. Most paintball fields provide the necessary gear. However, for your peace of mind, this article delves into what to wear for a successful paintballing experience. From discussing the basics to highlighting essential items, we’ve got you covered. Discover the perfect attire and gear without unnecessary hassle.

Different sizes of paintball hits with different amounts of energy which causes paintball bruises. So, you have to wear proper safety equipment while playing. Paintball clothes depend upon your playing field because every playing field has its own rules of clothing based on the paintball bullet. According to standards .68 caliber of paintball are used by playing fields.

what to wear to play paintball

Playing paintball can be hard and unhealthy because of sudden hitting, but if you are wearing good and comfortable dress then you may secure your body parts and also chances of winning gone high. Other thing that you must keep in mind always use comfortable clothes that helps in running, climb, hiding and hitting opposites perfectly.

Here are the list of paintball wearing items

  • Gloves for hand and finger safety.
  • Paintball Mask/Goggles for face, head and eyes safety.
  • Used shirts and Trouser  for chest and legs safety.
  • Cleats used to avoid slipping when running fast.
  • Playsuit for Full Body safety.
  • Pants used pants and cargo trouser.
  • Caps, Hair band for your head safety and hair band for you hair safety.
  • Knee Pad for knee safety.
  • Elbow Pad for elbow safety
Paintball clothes, Paintball attire, what should we wear for paintball

what clothes to wear to paintball

Mostly beginners use old full sleeve shirts, hoodies and pants in the paintball field. Mostly players use old set of clothing because their clothes get dirty with color while playing and if they found dirt and color on clothes then they don’t need to worry about their set of dresses.

Let see the item that you know about selection of clothing at beginner’s level:

1. Clothes For Paintball

First thing you should keep in mind, cover your all body with proper clothes. The best advice of clothing for beginner’s is to use full sleeve shirts, hoodies, old straight shirts and loose pants. The only reason is that if you wear full sleeves your body protected from hits of paintballs. Also use straight and loose pants it will help during running and other movements. If the weather is hot then you can also use shorts.

Paintball clothes, What to wear
Paintball clothes

2. Put on Paintball Gloves

Paintball gloves is very important item, if anyone hits on your hand and fingers, gloves keep you protected from that. It protect your hands and fingers to get hurt. Always use tight gloves because it don’t slide on your hand while using paintball gun. If you don’t feel comfort in using gloves then use mitts (fingerless gloves) second advantage of mitts sweat not comes on hand and your fingers not slipped on trigger. You can also use cotton gloves, golf gloves and some special gloves also available with double layer for extra protection.

Best Paintball Gloves
Best Paintball Gloves

3. Caps and Hair bands

Caps protect your head from paintball hit and paint, wear caps for your head and hear safety. Caps have more benefits, it reduces hitting force, you can also adjust your mask properly with the help of caps, and you don’t need to wash so much paint from your hair. Hear band also protect your hair first they control your hair from paint.

4. Old Paintball Shoes

Use old shoes that you don’t mind of getting dirt and paint. Always use old shoes which cover your feet, give more protection and strength in sprint. Must select cleat like football shoes to avoid slip in field and play safely without any body fracture.

5. Paintball Mask And Goggles

Paintball mask and goggles protect your head and eyes from paintball hit. Check Best Paintball Mask of all time to buy a best and quality mask for you. Always use reliable and good quality mask/goggles. This is the compulsory item because it protects your head and eyes from getting hit of paintball, because if your eyes and teeth getting hits then maybe you can’t play more on field you need to take rest. You must wear these items before going to field.

Paintball goggles
Paintball goggles

What to wear for paintball so it doesn’t hurt (Personally Used)

1. Shoulder Pad

Imagine you’re in the heat of a paintball match, and suddenly, wham! A paintball hits you square on the shoulder. Ouch, right? That’s where shoulder pads come to the rescue! They’re like your paintball armor, shielding your shoulders from those unexpected and sometimes intense hits.

For beginners, especially, these pads are your secret weapon for a more comfortable and enjoyable paintball experience. So, gear up, strap on those shoulder pads, and let the paintball games begin without worrying about those surprise shoulder shots

Paintball Shoulder pads

2. Neck Pad

“Ever been in a paintball match and felt that unexpected sting on your neck? Ouch! That’s where the trusty neck pad comes into play. It’s like your personal shield against those surprise neck shots, ensuring you stay focused on your target without any distractions.

For beginners diving into the paintball world, consider the neck pad your essential gear for a smoother and more focused gameplay. No more worrying about those neck hits just pure paintball fun! So, gear up, grab that neck pad, and let the games begin, with your focus right where it should be on the win!”

Paintball neck pad

3. Elbow Pad

Picture this: you’re sprinting across the field, adrenaline pumping, when suddenly you lose your footing. It happens to the best of us! That’s where the elbow pad steps in as your silent hero. As someone who’s clocked in plenty of hours on the paintball battlefield, I can vouch for the importance of elbow pads.

Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of slips and slides, but thanks to the reliable elbow pads, my elbows have emerged unscathed. It’s like having a personal bodyguard for your arms in the paintball arena. So, for all you beginners gearing up for your first match, consider the elbow pad your go-to armor for a safer and more enjoyable paintball experience.

Paintball elbow pads

4. Knee Pad

Knee pads are like unsung heroes in paintball. Imagine running around, dodging paintballs, and suddenly dropping to the ground – that’s where knee pads come to the rescue. They keep your knees safe from the bumps and bruises of the game. Plus, they help you move freely without worrying about hurting yourself.

If you’re new to paintball, think of knee pads as your buddies, always there to support you and make sure you enjoy the game safely. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of dives and rolls, and each time, those knee pads have been my saving grace. So, for all you newcomers, consider knee pads not just as gear but as your trusty allies in the quest for victory.

Knee pad

5. Paintball Chest Pad

For many players, including myself, wearing a chest pad in paintball is a game-changer. It shields your chest from those unexpected, and sometimes annoying, hits from paintballs.

Whether you’re charging across the field or crawling for cover, the chest pad has got your back or, well, your front. It’s like your personal armor, ensuring that every move you make is a bit more comfortable and a lot safer.

paintball chest pads for wear

6. Paintball Padded Shirts

Pro players use paintball shirts to protect parts of body like elbow, chest, arm, because suits specially manufactured with pads like elbow pads, arm pads, chest pads, and back pads.

It get protection to body from unwanted hits. Female player uses padded shirts with sports bra to give extra protection to private parts. Because protection is everything while playing. first of all protect yourself then play.

Paintball padded shirt

what to wear to paintball in summer And Winter

If you are upset about paintball damages, then you can wear double layer clothes and additional padding. Some players wear single layer clothes that is enough to safe the body from heat and bruise .If you want to play paintball in summer then use single layer and light color clothes, which helps body to feel calm and cool also body temperature remains normal.

In winter player uses double layer clothes and use natural color like camouflage which helps body to feel hot while playing and also saves body from hard hitting of paintball.

Try Best Shoes For Paintball

Mostly player use different type of shoes regarding activity area, some people chose bad shoes respect to the field. Before selecting shoes must keep in mind that where you are going to play. Must wear shoes which fits in your feet and you feel comfortable. If your play paintball on grassy ground then you can use cleats like football shoes that give you extra strength on grass while you running fast, if you use flat shoes, then you can slip on grass and hurt yourself.

Many players use simple basic shoes for paintball that is not okay because different types of field require different type of shoes. When you play in urban area like concrete road then you must use running shoes that give you extra protection on hard places and you don’t slip on field. If you want to select best and comfort shoes for paintball then you check field first before selecting your shoes.

Paintball Shoes

If you want to select best and comfort shoes for paintball then you check field first before selecting your shoes. For places like ground, grass, soil, cleats are best for these areas and for hard, concrete area always use running shoes, because if you use cleats in urban areas field you have not much traction. You may slip easily and get hurt causing damage to your body.


There is no need to worry about clothing in paintball. You can use your old clothes if you are new to paintball. I also use old clothes on my very first paintball match. Because due to paintballing your clothes become dirty. You may use gloves on your hands, a mask on your face, and pads on your elbows, legs, arms neck to get protection from hits of paintball.


Yes, you can use jeans while playing paintball but i prefer you to wear baggy and lose clothes like cargo trousers or special paintball trousers for better running or protection from hits.

Yes, during play of paintball your clothes become dirty with paint and dust because there is situations in game and if you are in situation of crawling your clothes become dirty with dust, while playing your clothes get hit of paintball.

You Should Wear padding or dress in multiple layers of clothes. This reduces the force of a paintball against your skin. Wear proper helmet and goggles to get protection from hits

The most sensitive areas to get hit are the hands, neck, top of head, and thighs. Always wear paintball gloves with padding and armor

It’s very common for players to feel a slight sting, similar to a firm flick on the arm. The pain is minor and typically fades quickly. 

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