Top 8 Best Paintball Fields in the United States:

What is paintball or a paintball field? One of the world’s fastest-growing sports, paintball is a fun, fast-paced activity that lets participants feel like they are on a team and participating in a game. The rush of the chase and the pleasure of a successful shot are the rewards of paintball. The thrill of adrenaline is unmatched. What is The most amazing parts of paintball fields?

Well, getting dressed in paintball gear, getting your paintball gun ready, etc., and the group relying on your skills and procedures. The US has some of the best paintball fields in the world, which include excellent cover and challenging obstacles. Below I’ve listed the Top 8 Paintball Fields in the USA, to give you a sense of what a good paintball field looks like.
Let’s start this list off with Skirmish Paintball.

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1- Skirmish Paintball | Pennsylvania

Skirmish Paintball is located in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, this is the location of the most
popular paintball scenario on the east coast of the United States, the Invasion of Normandy
game. The best skirmish locations are Fort Skirmish, Tippmann City, Tunnels, Cyclone, Hemlock, Shadowlands, and more! Skirmish Paintball is also one of the largest paintball fields ever produced. A fantastic option to enjoy thrilling activity with fervent coworkers is to play paintball in a wooded area with afield that includes posts, tanks, and helicopters. Players can participate in a few annual events at Encounter, the most well-known of which is known as The Invasion of Normandy and draws 4,000 participants. Encounter also provides two manors, and players can attend a few other annual events.

2- CPX | Chicago

The headquarters spans more than 143 acres and hosts the most intense paintball tournaments
on earth, like Living Legends, which draws more than 2,000 participants from around the world. You ought to discover the shining symbol in more than 20 fields, with The Town of Bedlam being among the most exciting. You are going to have an amazing day playing paintball once you get
to the top paintball field in the US.

3- Hollywood Sports | California

Hollywood Sports is not your typical paintball site.
One of the best paintball fields in the world is located at this multi-million dollar outdoor complex
in Bellflower, California. It includes real movie set props from blockbuster films including Saving
Private Ryan, Godzilla, Starship Troopers, Supernova, and The Haunting. You can play paintball at Hollywood Sports on one of their eight themed paintball fields, an airball field, or a low-impact paintball field. Below is a list of each of their eight paintball fields’ themes:

  • Apocalypse
  • Cajun Terror
  • Combat Center
  • Escape LA
  • Lunar Wars
  • Mad Max
  • Raccoon City
  • Zombie Lan

However, Hollywood Sports offers a lot more than simply paintball. You may play airsoft,
dodgeball, volleyball, arrow/laser tag, rock climbing on their Rockwall, and BMXing on their dirt
track on their 28 acres of land.

4- EMR Event Park | Pennsylvania

Did someone suggest a castle?

There are several castles (Castle Aaarrghh, Castle War, and Castle Numbskull) at the EMR
Event Park
in New Milford, Pennsylvania that you can play in, on, or around, not just one. These three castles feature a ton of barriers, structures, and even turrets with two and three floors that you may scale in order to launch paintballs from above. And when you get tired of playing paintball in a castle (if that’s even possible), you can head over to one of the towns (Tippmann Town, Tippmann Town 2.0, Valken Town) or you can check out the Wild West (Miner’s camp with a mine shaft, hacienda, Native American teepee village, train station), Sgt. Splatters Playground (175-ft bridge, trenches, tunnels), or Ferrymen’s Airfield (tower & landing strip).

5- D-Day Adventure Park | Oklahoma

The largest paintball field in the world for a while was Oklahoma D-Day at D-Day Adventure
Park in Wyandotte, Oklahoma, which often drew over 4000 players to play at this World War II
recreation of the Invasion of Normandy. You can still go play paintball (or airsoft, if that’s more
your style) on the field because it won’t be completely closed off after 2021, even if there won’t
be any more Oklahoma D-Day activities. If you’ve never heard of it, the largest paintball field in the world, D-Day Adventure Park, offers players access to more than 740 acres of terrain.
Absolutely, one of the best features of the D-Day Adventure Park is its size, but that is far from
the only thing that this vast paintball field has to offer. You would frequently see tanks, bazookas,
and even the rare helicopter flying overhead during their WWII-themed scenario paintball

6- Paintball Explosion | Illinois

If you’re tired of playing at standard paintball fields, Visit Paintball Explosion in East Dundee,
. It’s one of the finest paintball theme parks ever – Paintball Explosion!
Paintball Explosion offers a variety of themed paintball fields, some of which include Biohazard,
Code Black, Mutiny, Nam, World at War, and my personal favorite – Nuke town. Nuke town, which is based on the first-person shooter Call of Duty, is comparable to the temporary settlements built in the American Southwest during World War II to test the devastating potential of nuclear bombs. At Paintball Explosion, you may also rent a broad range of paintball weapons, such as the Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum, Tippmann X7 Phenom, and the Planet Eclipse Etek 4 with Dye Rotor. It doesn’t get much better than that as far as rentals go!

7- Wayne’s World of Paintball | Florida

Wayne’s World of Paintball, a 60+ acre scenario paintball field, is situated in Ocala, Florida. One
of my favorite paintball locations is Wayne’s World, which is in Florida and has everything a woodball player could need. Three speedball fields, several castles, a South American coastal village with 26 huts and a hacienda, an Incan pyramid, a two-story church, sentry towers, speed trails, small and large outposts, an airstrip with hangars, radar towers, buildings, and a helicopter, as well as a sizable, lush forest that is ideal for playing woodball are all present.
Although Wayne’s World may not have as many themed fields as some of the other paintball
locations on this list, it does feature a variety of entertaining game areas, including the Pyramid,
Boat Basin, Railway Tower, and my personal favorite – Tinker town.

8- Apocalypse | Wisconsin

Apocalypse currently has 16 different themed playing zones, but the paintball park is constantly
growing and introducing new ones. The size of their playing fields varies, with smaller areas designated for newcomers and larger ones for ardent followers of the game’s rush of adrenaline. On paintball fields, castles are a typical sight, and to the best of our knowledge, Apocalypse has one of the most magnificent castles ever built. This castle is 40,000 square feet in size and has a keep that is four stories high in addition to seven towers that are each three stories high. The castle also boasts a wide catwalk and a lot of secret hiding places. It is the ideal stronghold for every kind of role-playing game you can think of.


Selecting only one of the top paintball grounds is difficult. This is because every paintball site is unique and offers a diverse paintball experience. The best way to enjoy a distinctive paintball experience if you’re a paintball enthusiast is to visit each of the best paintball fields and speedball facilities at least once. Make it a point to thoroughly immerse yourself in paintball activities wherever you are, whether you are in a castle or not. Read our reviews of the best paintball masks or best paintball guns one of our numerous starting paintball advice articles if you need paintball gear or are unsure of where to begin.


Skirmish Paintball is the largest paintball field in the world which is located in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, this is the location of the most popular paintball scenario on the east coast of the United States, the Invasion of Normandy game.

In June 7, 1981, the inaugural game of paintball was played at the first ever paintball field in New Hampshire, USA. Bob Gurnsey was the one who authored the rules and extended an invitation to nine other players to join him in the game.

Paintball isn’t dying but it is also not growing.

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