Tips For Playing Paintball In Summer

Paintball is a game which is played both in summer and winter. As an experienced paintballer who has played paintball in the summer for almost 10 years, I was no stranger to hitting the field in 60-degree temperatures. In very high temperatures like 50-70, you really have to know about what to wear, what things to bring, etc.

For paintballing, summer is a very good season because you won’t mind getting wet from mud, and rain and the main thing is paint. But there is on thing playing paintball in summer makes you not want to wear long sleeves and other paintball safety pads, because of the heat.

Paintball attire in summer

To handle heat, know that you will have to wear different clothing to play paintball in summer. You cannot wear double-layer clothes in summer due to the risk of overheating. Always try to wear thin layer clothes with bright colors. Your main goal is to be protected and safe from the heat and hard-hitting paintballs. I always used to wear thin clothes with easily removeable protective gear to play paintball in summer.

Here are some useful tips to follow:

  1. Pick proper clothes
  2. Always use thin clothes
  3. Use removable protective gear
  4. Try to play in Shaded Area
  5. Keep you out From Direct Sunlight

Summer Paintball Clothes

Usually, I recommend thicker clothes with full paintball protective gear and pads but during the peak of the summer season, it is not recommended.

Always try to wear thin clothes with a single layer and bright colors to stay cool. During the summer season, there are chances of getting heat exhaustion, hyperthermia, and dehydration if you play paintball in direct sunlight with thick clothes. Protect yourself from this situation as compared to hitting paintball. I have seen many people who ran away from these situations just because of their foolishness. I suggest you wear shorts and half sleeves shirt to play paintball in summer with removable protective gear.

summer clothes, paintball in summer
Paintball lightweight safety equipment

Use Removable Paintball protective gear

The use of removable protective gear is highly recommended because you can remove it easily if you are feeling hot or getting sweaty. In summer everyone plays paintball in shorts and half sleeves shirt leaving their arms and legs naked to get cool. But paintball hits hard and causes bruises, to get protection from that always use elbow and leg pads.

Sweating is a common thing in summer while playing which gives a bad feeling because we are loaded with safety equipment, you can remove these safety equipment if you are feeling sweaty. Always took your small towel with you to clean sweat from your body.

Paintball safety gear, Paintball protective equipment
paintball safety gear

So, when you are feeling sweaty go off the field, remove your paintball safety gears and then use your towel to clean sweat. Then again wear protective gear and go to the field for further play. This will also help you to get cool during play.

Save your paintball gear from direct sunlight

The heat of direct sunlight in the summer can easily affect your paintballs and compressed air tank. If you leave paintballs in direct sunlight it may start melting, causing jams and barrel breaks. The pressure of the compressed tank starts increasing due to the sunlight which causes it to blow a burst disk or pressurize your paintball gun.

Paintball Shaded field, Safety gears
Paintball game in shaded area

Note: I see lots of paintball beginners make this mistake. Don’t leave your gear of paintball like compressed air or paintballs in direct sunlight.  Try to find a shaded area to place your paintball gear.

Use Lightweight paintball equipment in Summer

Don’t wear heavy weights and bulky equipment in the summer because the heat and the strain of heavy equipment can give you frustration. If you are wearing heavy equipment and you are sweating too this may cause itching or bad feeling stopping the new player to play paintball.

Paintball safety equipment
Paintball safety equipment

Always try to wear lightweight equipment and bring the bare minimum equipment to the playing field. On my very first day, I did this mistake causing me to start feeling bad about paintball. So, there is no need to have a full tactical loadout in summer.  Go to play paintball with light equipment and have fun.

Take a break in paintball games

Paintball is all about having fun and it is very hard to enjoy yourself during play when you are sweating, dehydrated, and overheat. To protect yourself from that try to take a break between games. There is no need to play every game or constant back-to-back games. Take a long break, clean yourself from sweat, drink water, and eat snacks when you need them.

It is good to play paintball while refreshed and cool, don’t push yourself harder. I always took a break between games to stay cool.

Stay Hydrated

Make sure to drink enough amount of water, when you take breaks. Dehydration hits you in the middle of the game if you are not drinking enough amount of water which is not good for your team and especially, for you. You will be playing under 60-90 degrees of temperature, so it is good to stay hydrated while gameplay.

Try to drink water more even if you are not thirsty, drink water in between the game or in the breaks when you need. It is the only solution to save yourself from dehydration. At least drink two gallons of water a day the only reason is that you will be sweating the whole time and you will be losing water. I used to drink 2-3 gallons of water a day to keep myself cool, refreshed, and hydrated.

Bring light snacks

Try to avoid low salt, less greasy, and heavy snacks on the playing field because these types of snacks make you feel heavy. Digestion of these types of snacks took time and you will not be able to play games. That’s why always try to bring light snacks with high nutrients and minerals.

Fruits are the best option to bring. I always bring a banana with me on the playing field but these are your own choices of what to bring because some like fruits some do not. Just try to bring light snacks. The favorite options of new players of paintball are half of a sandwich and individually packed soft granola bars.

Look For Shaded Fields

A shaded field of paintball is always ideal on hot summer days. You can save yourself from direct sunlight in that place. I visited a lot of paintball fields most of them have shaded areas. You can safely play paintball there.

I suggest you play paintball in shaded areas. Tell your instructor or ref that your group wants to stick to the shaded fields instead of the open fields.

Bring Your Paintball Camping Equipment

There will be times when your paintball field is full and does not have enough tables and shade for everyone, so it is good to bring your own.  Shade is very important and going to be the main concern during play in summer. If you are in a group make sure to bring a large canopy or umbrella try to bring camping equipment which is mentioned below,

  1. Bring a canopy or large umbrella
  2. Camping chairs
  3. Tables
  4. Coolers


Paintball is a very fascinating game but in summer heat disturbs the gameplay. To play paintball in summer always try to wear thin and single-layer clothes. Use removable protective gear because when you are sweating you can easily remove protective pads and then clean your body with the towel. Then bring a canopy and umbrella for a shaded area and always try to be hydrated.


Spring is the best season to play paintball because it is not to hot or not to cold. Pro players always wait for this season to come so they should play paintball. But this also depends on your mood weather you want to play in summer or winter. Every season is best for paintballing.

Yes, paintball can easily melt in heat as shatter in cold. Always put your paintballs in shaded areas or put it in your bags.

Players frequently experience a small sting when being shot at. Many people describe it as feeling like a sharp flick on the arm.

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