Paintball Scenario Games 2023

Initial paintball battles were simply two individuals testing each other’s survival skills. But over time, paintball has transformed into a true team sport. At your local Paintball field, tournaments with matches ranging from 3 vs. 3 to 10 vs. 10, or even larger 30 vs. 30 games, are now extremely prevalent. But what happens if you multiply these little games by ten or even one hundred? It is possible to build a completely new game structure known as Scenario Paintball Events. Big Games with this many players divided into two or three teams.

scenario paintball

What is a paintball scenario ?

People frequently center scenario paintball, a popular paintball game style, on a theme derived from popular culture, video games, or even historical reenactments. A few hundred to several thousand paintball players compete in these ongoing games. It is divided into two enormous teams and pitted against one another on a big field.

With each side having a single General in charge of organizing and deploying their team to various zones, missions, and defense. These games often contain a hierarchy of command. Larger games with more than a thousand people on each side are frequently organized by 1-3 Commanding Officers.

In addition, you will frequently witness a wider range of paintball equipment. Than you would on a conventional paintball field, including Rocket Launchers (modified shirt cannons that fire foam footballs), backpack loaders like the MaxLoader, and even cars converted into paintball tanks!

The best way to properly enjoy paintball is by participating in scenario events and big games. Which features nonstop action all day long on a huge field with a high number of players at once.

How are big paintball scenario games?

Scenario Paintball events draw participants from leisure levels all the way up to competition level. Because they are intended to be played solely for enjoyment. Due to this, occasionally players will fly in from all across the country to see a big game!

In normal Scenario Paintball Games, there may be up to 2,000 people on the field. Which divided into two or more large teams who engage in non stop combat throughout the day.

Invasion of Normandy at Skirmish Paintball in Pennsylvania and Oklahoma D-Day at D-Day Adventure Park in Oklahoma are two of the biggest scenario paintball tournaments in the world. An astonishing 4,000 players are usually present at each of these contests. Between 1,000 and 2,000 participants may typically be found at smaller events like Fulda Gap at the Command Decisions Wargames Center in North Carolina and Wayne’s World Grand Finale in Florida.

The majority of other scenario competitions typically include between 200 and 600 participants and take place on smaller fields. By doing this, it is ensured that there are always battles taking place and that players can just wander around the field at will.

What To Expect from Your First Paintball Scenario Event

It can be a little intimidating to attend your first scenario event or major game. So I’ll explain down each step you’ll probably do for a simple first game.

What to Bring with You

In addition to your usual paintball equipment’s. It’s a good idea to pack a full backup setup (mask, gun, tank, hopper) in case anything happens to your primary equipment. Additionally, you should bring any extra parts, equipment, and accessories you might need to make quick repairs. Bring at least two sets of playing clothing so you may go out on the field the following day in clean clothes.

You are able to purchase gear from the field pro shop or event vendors. Who generally attend bigger games if you don’t have a backup setup or spare playing clothing. If you want to know in detail about paintball clothes then visit this what to wear for paintball.

You must furnish your own launcher and have it approved by the field staff before usage. If you are playing a particular role like a LAW player (detailed further down).

Don’t forget to pack extra toilet paper, paper towels, food, water, and ordinary clothing to change into. Additionally, it’s a good idea to carry a canopy, folding chairs, and a folding table to let you unwind during breaks.


Registration is the first step to attending the event. The majority of events provide a pre-registration discount. Which enables you to buy entrance, air, and paint at a lower cost than on the event day. This makes the tournament go more smoothly by enabling the field staff to estimate the player turnout and organize accordingly.

The day of registration is always an option, but you can lose out on any discounts or exclusive deals (like first strike rounds or freebies). To speed up the registration procedure, it is best to complete any waivers and release paperwork before you head to the field. Usually, you can find this on the field’s website.

If you have any children, their parent or legal guardian must sign the waivers on their behalf at the field or beforehand. You will need a valid form of identification to pick up your registration information.

Arriving at the Field of Paintball

The field could be divided into parking and camping areas when you first get there. While other fields let you choose where to camp, some will give you a campsite in advance. Ask a teammate or staff member where you should park and pick up your registration materials, if you ever get lost.

Are You Camping at the Field?

Any additional equipment you might want to carry. This will depend on whether you want to camp at the field, stay at a nearby hotel, or drive to and from your home or a friend’s place.

Player’s Meeting before the Paintball game

The event organizers must go over any regulations, special characters, and safety information with the players at a necessary players meeting before each game.

Attending the meeting is crucial if you want to understand how the game is played. If you don’t, you could find yourself straying into an off-limits area or infringing on the game’s regulations.


The gameplay of scenario events will differ significantly from typical paintball matches at your local field or tournament in a number of ways. You will be less confused and able to enjoy the game more if you are aware of these suggestions in advance.

Continuous Gameplay

The first thing you should be aware of is that these games can keep playing for up to 12 hours at a time. You can encounter firefights lasting between 30 minutes and an hour as opposed to the usual 10 to 15 minute games where you can pick up your pods afterwards or reload in between engagements.

You should decide how to store old pods so you don’t lose them on the field, replenish your air tanks before entering the field, and pack enough paint in your pod pack to last you through a few engagements.

Keep in mind that you are free to hydrate as necessary and take breaks as frequently as you choose. To maintain my energy, I sometimes only play for 30 minutes at a time, while other times I play nonstop for three hours while switching between several battles.

Complete Missions to Win the Game

A team wins a scenario event by accruing points for the group as a whole. The main way to accomplish this is by sending out missions that are requested by your team’s main base every hour or half-hour. The players will be briefed by your general or commanding officer on the current task and their location.

There are more ways to accumulate points, which are typically described in the player regulations or made public at the player meeting. They frequently entail actions like gathering props, taking out the opposing general, seizing flags, or seizing and retaining strategic positions.

Player Roles

Scenario occurrences will play a variety of roles for the players. The majority of the players on the field will be your general players, whose main duties include acting as the grunts and shooting paintballs. However, there are a few other rolls that you will frequently encounter; these are illustrated here.

Take Breaks

The biggest and most significant piece of advice I can give you after participating in scenario events for the past 15 years is to take pauses. Even though I consider myself to be rather fit, I have often hit my breaking point even when engaged in a significant conflict.

Plan meals and water breaks throughout the day to avoid becoming dehydrated. So that you can effectively absorb and process water and chill down, let your body unwind. At these activities, there’s no real reason to push yourself; simply take it easy and have fun.

Final Battle

Most scenario events conclude with a climactic battle in which players shoot up the remaining paint and engage in a fierce gunfight for field control or flag hanging. These are intense and can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour!

When two enormous teams are engaged in a full-fledged brawl, it is common for players to load up to the hilt and let loose. The final bouts typically don’t have player roles, and before you begin, there will be a brief discussion to go over the regulations.

Awards Ceremony

Every tournament I’ve attended ends with an awards ceremony when the winning team is announced, player awards are given out, and occasionally raffles and giveaways take place. The awards event is a fantastic opportunity to relax with your company and bring everyone together for socializing and conversation.


In the end, scenario paintball games are a favorite among paintball fans. Who want a more interesting and difficult variation of the sport. These activities provide participants the chance to fully immerse themselves in a range of themes and environments, providing a rich and varied paintball experience.


Yes, unique tools, vehicles (such as tanks and jeeps), and props can be employed to improve the immersive experience. These components give the game an additional depth of authenticity.

The goals can be anything from seizing and controlling particular sites to saving hostages, gathering things, or finishing mission-based tasks. The concept and plot of the scenario are directly related to the objectives.

While rules can differ between scenarios, they frequently contain mission-specific regulations, hit point systems, and bespoke respawning rules. The game’s planners decide on the precise regulations.

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