Paintball Rules : Essential Guidelines for Safe Game

Paintball games have different formats such as knocking opponents by attacking and defending themselves and some have a goal of reaching destiny without getting knocked, etc. So, Paintball rules vary according to the format of the game. To play any sport or game the main thing everyone should first learn about rules.

To play paintball, everyone should be completely aware of the paintball game rules. Safety comes first, if you want to play paintball or if you are a paintball beginner then you should learn about paintball safety rules. Paintball is a very interesting game that is played both indoor and outdoor having different safety rules.

Basic Paintball Rules For Beginners

Here are some of the most common paintball Basic rules:

Elimination Criteria

The most important and basic paintball rule is shooting paintball at the opponents, although the rules of the game may vary depending on the type of game. Player of paintball is eliminated with hit anywhere from head to toe. A player of paintball is also eliminated with hits of paintball on his helmet, clothes, and mask.

Here are some Paintball rules of elimination:

  • If the paintball breaks after hitting on trees and another solid object and the paint splashes on the player’s clothes then they will not be considered eliminated
  • If a player is unsure about his elimination then he should ask his teammates to check for paint on his head.
  • If two players hit each other at same time then both player should be eliminated
  • If you are eliminated then wave your hand up and speak loudly that I am hit. Put your gun on the head during your walk outside from the play area so that everyone knows you are eliminated and you can save yourself from further hitting.

how long does paintball game last?

The average time of a paintball game is 20 Minutes or according to the field where you going to play because every playing field has its own criteria. There is also a break in between games for water and reloading of ammo.

Match referee and field management planned short break within the game. Game of paintball has a different type of format so the time of playing paintball is also different depending on which paintball format and field they are playing.

What is the goal of paintball game?

Paintball game has different kind of format which means the goal of the game is also different. Find out that game you are going to play is either eliminating or capturing the flag game. After checking the format of the game go and make a round of playing field or area before the game starts. This will help you while playing and you should be aware of the playing field.

Shooting Areas and Safe Areas

Areas where shooting is not allowed, where players can remove its mask or goggles for cleaning known as safe areas. Shooting areas are the area where players can remove the barrel plug and can shoot. Both areas are clearly defined before a game.

6 Important paintball safety rules for players

Everyone should know about paintball safety rules because knowledge of rules is a very important part and plays a huge role in winning paintball matches. It helps in keeping you safe from Injuries.

Check CO2 Leaking

Always check your gun to make sure your gun is not leaking CO2 because it is at a freezing temperature of (-76o C) which can cause severe injury to your hand and other body parts. To avoid leaking and other issues with guns always use paintball guns or pistols which are best in the business.

Use Barrel Plugs

Barrel plugs help in avoiding the accidental shot. Because if you are not on the playing field and you fire a paintball with an accidental tap on the trigger that may cause severe damage to you or others. Because off the playing field, everyone isn’t wearing whole Paintball safety equipment’s. So, always use the barrel plug-in except while playing Paintball.

Safety plug, Paintball gun plug

Paintball Gun Velocity

Always measure your gun velocity because a higher velocity of a gun can cause severe injuries or bruises. The velocity of paintball markers is 90 m/s almost 300 ft/s but Mostly paintball fields restrict speed to 280 ft/s, and small indoor fields restrict it down to 250 ft/s.

Gun speed, paintball speed

Greater muzzle velocity is also possible but that is unsafe. To check the velocity of the gun put all accessories on it and go to the onsite chronograph to check the velocity of the gun. Set it according to your field rules.

Lubricate Your Gun

To get better efficiency and avoid any kind of jamming always do deep cleaning of your gun before every game. Because on the field if your gun choked then nothing will happen at that time.

Always clean your gun because while playing if a paintball is stuck inside the gun and you are trying to get it out, if a stray bullet goes off it can cause severe damage.

Avoid Leaving CO2 Tank in Sunlight

CO2 paintball tanks have very high pressure, as the temperature increases the pressure of CO2 inside the tank also increases. Because the temperature is directly proportional to the pressure. With an increase in pressure, there are chances of the explosion of a tank. Try to avoid leaving your filled tank in direct sunlight for a long time

Wear Paintball clothes and a paintball mask Properly

Try to cover your maximum body while playing paintball. Wear proper paintball clothes, you can also wear shorts and half sleeves in summer. But according to my and other senior experience try to cover your whole body with full clothes. Because paintball hits may cause paintball bruises which hurts a lot.

Paintball Safety Goggles

The mask is a very important thing in paintball safety equipment. Entering in a paintball field without a mask could be very dangerous as paintball hits on a face and paint splashes into the eyes and nose can cause a lot of damage. For safety purposes always use the right mask according to the size of your head

General Rules of Paintball

Here are some of the rules and things which should not be done while playing:

  • No blind firing
  • No cross-talks with opponents
  • No talks with eliminated players
  • No eating in shooting area
  • No drinking in shooting area
  • Referee’s decision is final
  • No wiping of Paint
  • Don’t fire paintball at Referee’s
  • No Firing After Elimination


Paintball tips and rules for beginners have different according to the formats of the game. Basic paintball rules include knowledge of the length of the paintball game, the goal of the game different areas of the game. You can check ( Paintball tips for beginners ) for pro tips. The general rules of paintball are no blind firing, no wiping of paint, no cross talks, and the referee’s decision is final decision.


Don’t go to the field without goggles and mask because these things protect your face from hitting.

The goal of paintball is different according to the format of game. Some game has goal of eliminating opponents while some game has goal of collecting flag’s etc. So, the proper goal of paintball is not defined.

No, we cannot do blind firing either on playing field or off playing field. because blind firing can cause a lot of injuries or damage to you or other players.

Yes, in paintball referee’s decision is final because referee’s are the person who finalized the decision of game and check the players while playing to avoid cheating.

No, we cannot do firing after elimination because other players are playing and with your fire, there is a chance of splashing paint on other players.

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