Is Paintball Dying? The Current State of Paintball

I started playing paintball at its peak in the early 2000s. Since then I’ve observed many fields closing, a gradual decline in the number of people attending big events. The most importantly how the game itself has changed in response.  Is Paintball Dying? However, there still remains a question.

Since 2000, paintball has lost some of its appeal, but it is far from being dead. Paintball participation and total internet activity have been at a constant and regular plateau since around 2015. Even certain fields and activities are experiencing growth and an increase in participation.

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Paintball manufacturers continue to innovate and launch new equipment, and competitions continue to be held worldwide. There wouldn’t be as many businesses producing new paintball products or significant competitions happening frequently if paintball were really fading off.

The truth is that participation in practically all extreme sports and outdoor pastimes has decreased over time. Yet these activities are still not thought to be dying. Using the web tools provided by Google, as illustrated below, you can see these trends.

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Reason Why Overall Paintball Attendance has Declined Since the 2000’s

Anyone who has played paintball for as long as I have would have seen all the adjustments over the years that have steadily lowered the general number of participants. However, this is to be expected given the world’s rapid technological advancement and huge economic shifts.

Top Reason Why Paintball Dying (Not Increasing) since 2000’s

Here are a few of the main elements that, as compared to 20 years ago. They have stifled paintball’s expansion in recent years.


Unavoidably, during the past few decades, technology has improved swiftly. This is the reason our concentration has shifted from being outside to spending hours staring at our phones.

increasing technology

In modern times, there are countless diversions and items that alert us when a new message has arrived. As a society, we have evolved from visiting our friends’ homes to see whether they are home to spending time with them while playing video games.

In addition, there are so many entertainment options available today. Some people could view going outside to play paintball as a hassle. More and more people are realizing that browsing through their social media feeds is more enjoyable and makes them happier overall than stepping outside.

The Economy

Many people consider paintball to be a luxuriant sport. Because of the price of the necessary tools, field access, and paintballs. This has a very high potential cost.

GDP effects

Since the highest point in the early 2000s, paintball attendance had already begun to decline. The US recession that occurred between December 2007 and June 2009 only served to accelerate this trend.

The expansion and profitability of paintball as a whole greatly depend on players having extra cash on hand to spend at their nearby fields. Inability to play as regularly as desired is caused by lack of financial flexibility.


Politics, both from the government and inside the community, is the last significant problem that plagues paintball.

Paintball dying due to politics

There has been an important push for gun control, and all types of weapons, from air guns to real firearms, are receiving increasingly unfavorable press. Due to scrutiny from locals who live nearby, it has even become difficult for certain fields to open their doors to the public.

The paintball community has faced some of the most detrimental political issues from within its own boundaries, though. Due to litigation launched by certain businesses alleging patent infringement, smaller businesses have either folded or been acquired by larger businesses.

In addition, some tournament locations have been closed as a result of some internal politics.

Communities of paintball around the globe Decreasing

Along with changes in how individuals use technology, there have also been changes in how we engage with paintball communities.

Paintball forums were popular in the late 2000s. As means of communication, event planning, and trade for players all over the world. With so many social media platforms at our disposal nowadays, it is now simpler for gamers to use mobile-friendly. Networks like Facebook and Twitter rather than sifting through cumbersome forums on their phones.

community paintball

The amount of content that can be easily looked for online has decreased. It is due to players moving from forums to social media platforms. It is now more difficult to locate reliable reviews and information online about tools and technology, which forces users to repeatedly post the same queries on social media.

Social media postings are difficult for online search engines to detect and will eventually disappear over time. This alone precludes the paintball community from amassing collective knowledge and necessitates the constant participation of specialists on these social media platforms.

Fields are changing their Focus

Paintball fields have recently begun to concentrate on rental players, which are the main source of field income. In order to deter more violent players who would scare away a field’s main consumers, some fields only serve rental players, and some have even removed their speedball courses.

Paintball fields near me

Paintball fields must serve their core audience in order to remain successful. You can visit Best paintball Fields to check which fields is best in US. The majority of fields are geared for parties, rentals, and the casual wishing to play some laid-back paintball. A few fields just cater to tournament competitors and offer them a field to practice on.

In order to give players who might be a little uneasy some comfort that they won’t get wounded, many fields have also adopted reduced velocities, BPS caps, and minimum engagement distances.

Paintball is Continuing Evolve and Adapt

Since paintball’s inception, players and businesses have persisted in innovating and changing how it is played, for better or ill. Paintball has seen a variety of trends come and go, leading to the creation of several subcategories within the sport, including speedball, woodsball, Magfed, and pump.

I’ll go through some of the more recent advancements in paintball that have fundamentally changed how it is played and what items are being made in the section below.

Paintball Gun arms Race (Early 2000s)

How many shots your paintball gun could fire per second was the most important factor in paintball’s heyday. I wrote whole article on paintball gun you can Visit to Increase your Paintball Gun Accuracy. This alone motivated several businesses to produce the best and quickest paintball weapons they could, and some players even discovered techniques to consistently blast their paintball guns at speeds more than 30 bps.

This alone contributed to the rapid advancement of paintball technology over earlier years and laid the groundwork for many of the paintball guns still in use today.

However, this competition to have the greatest and quickest paintball guns led to several issues, such as overshooting and hot shooting, which led to the invention of the phrase “pain-ball” and turned off potential players.

Focus on Better Entry Level Gear (Mid to Late 2000s)

Many paintball firms learnt many various ways to create a paintball gun and discovered ways to make them both better and more economical as a result of the advancement in paintball technology in the early 2000s.

The gap between the typical player and the tournament player was closed by the focus on producing better quality entry level and mid-range paintball equipment, allowing more players to play at a higher level for less money.

This ultimately had a trickle-down effect, making the entry-level equipment more affordable and better manufactured so that more players could readily join the sport with high-quality equipment without having to spend as much money.

Introduction of low impact Paintball (2010)

There was still space to enter a more recent market, youngsters and families, despite the shift in paintball technology’s focus to beginners and intermediate players.

A new size of paintball, the 50 cal., has been introduced by paintball businesses. They bragged that this is the new route paintball would take because it is less painful and costs less to produce than the conventional 68 cal paintball.

Impact Paintballl

The general public originally reacted negatively to it and harshly criticized it, although with good reason. Everyone already had 68 cal setups, therefore switching to 50 cal would require them to purchase entirely new setups, rendering millions of dollars’ worth of equipment unusable.

The 50 cal paintball, on the other hand, continues to achieve its goal of enabling families and younger players to play paintball with little to no discomfort. Some paintball fields only employ 50 cal paintballs, which enables people to concentrate on how much fun the sport is rather than how painful it is.

Resurgence of pump and medical Paintball Guns (Early to Mid 2010’s)

I think that the cost of shooting cases of paintballs every day, coupled with the US recession in 2008 and 2009, drove paintball back to its technological roots, reviving the popularity of pump and mechanical paintball.

The resurgence of pump and mechanical paintball guns decreased the player’s overall firepower but made them more competent and clever in their field strategy. How well you can place your shots becomes more important than how much paint you shot.

Low cap paintball was also introduced as a result, which further compelled participants to take fewer shots.

This style of play also made it simpler to mix experienced players with slower shooting equipment with rental players, which made the game more entertaining for everyone.

The Rise of Magfed Paintball (Mid 2021’s)

As players were accustomed to playing low capacity paintball due to the popularity of airsoft, Magfed paintball was able to gain a sizable following.

Although Magfed paintball weapons have been available for a while, their potential hasn’t yet been fully realized. The players could use a more compact arrangement on the field, but they were expensive and had their own issues.

Compared to their older counterparts and modification kits, modern Magfed paintball guns are significantly more sophisticated. Shooting First Strike Rounds is now considerably simpler and is made possible by several Magfed paintball guns, such as the Planet Eclipse EMF100.

First Strike Rounds (FSR), which were developed in the early 2010s. It have recently become more popular, shoot farther and more precisely than conventional paintballs. Their popularity grew as a result of advances in the dependability and capacity of magfed paintball weapons to feed FSRs without jamming.

The Future of Paintball

I believe that paintball still has a bright future full of potential and room for expansion. It is the responsibility of the paintball businesses, the paintball grounds, and most importantly the players themselves to steer and develop the game as a whole.

To maintain the survival of paintball and the entry of new players and businesses, everyone must contribute in some way.

Try losing occasionally if you really want to make paintball more enjoyable for others and make a beginner’s day! There are other factors outside of winning that thrill novice players more than “taking out the good player.”

Additionally, make small talk with the new players off the field. Give them advice on how to play better so they may enjoy themselves more on the field!

Try introducing someone to the sport as a last resort! Let them borrow your equipment for a few outings so they can decide if they enjoy the sport. I’m sure the majority of you seasoned players have more than one setup. Who knows, perhaps they will find themselves in the same situation later on and hire someone new themselves!


The main players will continue to participate in paintball, thus it is not a dying sport. However, there are now fewer people looking at it since the other peoples’ interest in it has diminished. Promote the sport anytime there is an opportunity if we want to make it exciting.

All of the variables I mentioned to you are beyond our control. However, we have some control over how we act with new players. If we make them feel at home and welcome, they might return the following week and the week after that, just like I did.


I have seen dozens of paintball fields throughout numerous states, and I can easily identify a field that will succeed long-term or fail. Without a doubt, location is one of the important elements. Players must always want to enter the field and participate in games. The field’s financial situation will suffer if it is exceedingly difficult to get to and has few participants in the area.

Anyone who consistently participates in paintball can improve or harm the sport’s reputation as a whole. You can still compete fiercely against opponents who are on your level, but you should also let everyone else enjoy the game for what it is—on and off the field.

This typically has the result of alienating both newcomers and seasoned athletes from the playing surface or perhaps the sport in general.

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