How To Treat Paintball Bruises?

Paintball is a very amazing game or sport for physical activity. It allows you to enjoy a good time with your friends. But you might get minor injuries like bruises while playing. If you are new to paintball then make sure you know about the difference between paintball bruises and paintball welts, as well as how to treat and avoid these injuries.

Paintball is a very safe game in every aspect, but it involves shooting at the opponents, your rivals also shoot paintballs on you, there is a risk of minor injuries due to the hard hit of paintballs. These paintball injuries can happen to anyone who is not wearing the protective gear of paintball. Always try to wear protective gear to save yourself from bruises and welts.

How long do paintballs bruises last?

According to my experience, paintball bruises should never endure longer than 1-2 weeks this question varies from person to person regarding how intense their bruises are. Bruises are some kind of small brownish marks on your body or paintball welts are like little wounds. Don’t worry about paintball bruises or paintball welts both of them will be recovered in less than 12-14 days.

Welts’ wounds heal faster than bruises. A welt will be recovered in 2-3 days but a bruise can take entire two weeks. Meanwhile, you can use skin therapies or skin care things until the bruise lasts.

Paintball wounds, paintball injuries

Paintball bruises vs paintball welts

Welts and bruises are two different words with different meanings. Some people think both of them are the same but this is wrong. Both occur due to the hard hits of paintballs on the skin.

A bruise is a purplish or brownish mark caused by blood leaking under the skin from a damaged capillary on the other hand a paintball welt is a mark that forms on the skin after being hit by a paintball. Both paintball welts and paintball bruises can be painful. Your skin is inflamed for 1-2 weeks until your paintball injuries disappear.

This is how you can make a difference between welts and bruises. The skin is not only swell with welts but you may also notice tiny little bumps like scratches. If you have a bruise, the color changes underneath your skin due to blood leakage.

Paintball bruises, paintball wounds

5 Treatment Methods for paintball Bruises

Paintball bruises or paintball welts disappear on their own within a few days or a week but it is better if you do the treatment at home for faster recovery. The main goal of treatment is to disinfect the area of injury or save yourself from bacterial infection. I also do home treatment for my paintball injuries I think it is necessary to protect yourself from further infections.

Here are some useful treatment tips to follow:

1. Wash the paintball wounded area

Before applying treatment, wash your affected area. Use warm soapy water to wash paintball bruises or welts. This helps in removing dirt, debris, and blood from the wound and helps in preventing skin infection.

Then gently dry the wound with cotton or clean clothing. Don’t use alcohol or some other disinfection item on your open wound because with this your skin may burn which feels very painful.

2. Apply Cold Compress

A cold compress helps in the tightening of blood vessels underneath your skin and helps in preventing blood leakage. This minimizes the blood flow and gives relief in bruising and swelling.

3. Apply Warm Compress

Once you give a cold compress, switch to the warm compress. Heat can ease swelling and soothe the pain. Heating also protects your skin from different bacterial infections. Apply hot and cold compress within 15 minutes then at least give rest to your skin for almost 1 hour before reapplying compress.

4. Elevate the wounded area

The elevation gives help in restricting blood flow to the wounded area results lessen inflammation and pain. Always try to elevate the bruised or welted part of your body such as arms, legs, shoulders, etc. Try to make a stack of pillows then place your legs on the top of a pillow and take a rest.

5. Take medicine properly

When your bruise or welts is severe cause a lot of pain. Then compress cannot give relief to you. In this type of situation, take over-the-counter pain (OTC) medicine to get relief from pain. You should take medicine like acetaminophen (Tylenol), paracetamol (Panadol), etc.

5 Important Tips to Avoid paintball bruises or paintball welts

Hard-hitting paintball causes bruises and welts. The best way to save yourself from injury from paintball is to avoid getting hit while playing on the field. Always try to wear full protective gear when you are on the field. A paintball mask and paintball vest are one of the main things on paintball protective gear.

Here are some important paintball tips for beginners to prevent bruises or welts:

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, and boots, don’t expose your skin.
  • Try to wear pads on the main areas of your body such as shoulders, arms, legs, and chest.
  • Use multi-layer clothe to reduce the force of paintball
  • Wear a paintball mask to prevent your head from hits of a paintball
  • Paintball blows not only damage the skin but also they can damage your eyes if they are not protected. Always try to wear paintball goggles or a mask for full safety.


Paintball bruises are a very common thing while playing there is nothing to worry about because it can last up to 1-2 weeks. Always try to wear paintball safety equipment to protect yourself from bruises or welts. Try to do treatment for your bruises or take pain killer if you are feeling pain in your paintball injury. Paintball injuries are minor things don’t worry about that play carefully and enjoy.


Paintball hits hard on the body causing bruise. Every one has its own pain threshold so there’s no specific answer, however mostly hard hits of paintball cause bruise. Always use protective gear while playing paintball.

We can treat paintball bruise by washing the wound, first then compress it with cold and warm clothe, always use clean clothe for washing wound. You can also take pain killer if you are feeling pain.

Yes, paintball hurts on skin. I recommend you to wear safety equipment’s of paintball while playing to avoid pain.

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