How To Store Paintballs : Complete Guide

I am a pro paintball player, if you want to play paintball like me, then you should keep your paintballs in your house the same as me. Now the issue is how to store paintballs in your house because if you not stored paintballs properly then they go bad, become dirty and it is not good for playing paintball with them. I will explain this problem in detail here.

Paintballs made with polyethylene glycol in the shape of gelatin capsule this is nontoxic and water-soluble material. It reacts with the atmosphere, it is water soluble and dissolves in water easily so we need to keep it safe. If you want that the condition of paintballs remains same while keeping them at home for a long time. Then you should know how the paintballs stores at home. Here I share my personal experience to keep safe paintballs.

Science About Storing Paintballs

Paintballs are decomposable and normally have a 3-month to 7-month shelf life but if you stored them properly, that may exceed the life of paintballs. Humidity and temperature are the main two-factor affects paintball storage. Because they are decomposable, you must store paintballs where the humidity level is not high.

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The main thing is the shell of the paintball absorbs humidity and gets dissolved into the water. Temperature of direct sunlight also cause damage to paintballs. Due to direct sunlight, the temperature has gone high and damage the shell of the paintball.

Tips about How to Store paintballs at home

Storing temperature of paintballs is 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, if the surrounding temperature becomes high that affects the paintball’s shape and may dent appear on the paintball’s surface. So always store paintballs between 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Secondly, humidity is the other factor that affects the paintball, if the humidity level is 40% to 50 % then it’s fine. If the humidity level is above 50% then it affects the paintball’s condition and creates damage to the paintball. So, always store paintballs in less than 50% humidity area.

Another best way for storing paintballs, is in plastic bags that have a zip lock, sealed and air tight container because air has humidity, if your container is not sealed it affects the paintball’s surface. So must use sealed plastic bags and keep them in a safe place. I also use sealed plastic bags to store paintballs.

Paintballs must keep away from direct ultraviolet light because direct heat is not good for paintballs. So, must keep away from direct UV light. Same like, I always rotate the paintball container after a few days to avoid sticking together.

How long do paintballs stay in storage?

If you do not care about your paintballs then you face problems when you use them. You find a few missed shapes, broken balls, and balls with dents these problems will not allow you to play. Then you can’t enjoy much more like good paintballs.

If you are trying to know how long can paintballs stay in storage then answer is depend on manufacturer of the paintballs and which method you are using to store paintballs. The average stored time is about 3 months to 7 months but if you stored them properly then maybe you can store them for 8 to 9 months.

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Another thing storage of paintballs also depends on the manufacturer making quality if you buy good quality balls then you can store them for a long time like one year otherwise if you buy bad quality paintballs then you can store them for a maximum of 7 months.  I always prefer to you buy good quality.

Drop Test of Paintball

You can check your paintball with test called drop test. Just drop the paintball half of your height to check the condition of paintball at least try two-times same procedure if your paintball remains in the same condition then you can play with this in a game.

Drop Test of Paintball

What if Paintballs not Stored Properly?

If you do not store paintballs properly then damage can occur to your paintballs here are the things which happen when paintball is not store properly:

  • The shell of paintballs damaged if you not store them properly
  • Hole and Pit made on paintball surface
  • The shape of the paintball gets changed
  • Difficult and hard to deal with paintballs
  • Dent appear on Paintballs
  • Maybe Paintballs melt with high temperature
  • Paintballs stick together after melt.

These indications on paintball show that your paintball is not good for playing. If these indications did not show on paintball but the age of paintball is around about one year then they are wasted.

How To Store Paintballs safe while Playing?

  • Before we discuss how to store paintball at home, but now here I explain when you are in the field then how to keep safe your paintball in-between game. If rain started in the field it ruins your paintballs in 20 minutes so, always keep a sealed bag with you on the field.
  • In the field, if the temperature goes high then you can put the paintball in a bag and put it in a cool place because temperature damage the paintball shape.
  • In weather where the temperature is not high and less than 45 degrees Then the must paintball put in a heated bag. If the temperature is normal then you can put it anywhere in the field before playing.


If you want to keep free from cleaning and care of paintball gear like guns, lenses, masks, and damaged paintballs then always stored paintballs properly and other items. Extreme weather damage your paintball so always keep cool and safe places to maintain the quality of paintballs. Before discussing the above rise and down humidity and temperature both affect the paintball’s condition. In the field area, you must keep your paintballs away from direct sunlight. Sunlight creates dents on paintball and when you use them it makes your gun dirty.


Always try to put your paintball in dry and cool place. Don’t let them in refrigerators because they become brittle and can cause damage to your gun. You can read this article to learn how to store paintballs.

Yes, temperature definatly effect paintballs. Don’t put your paintballs in high temperature because your paintball starts melting in high temperature. Always try to store paintball in cool place.

It is very important to know about the average temperature to store paintballs. The average temperature to store paintballs is 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

No, we cannot put paintball in direct sunlight. There is huge effect of direct sunlight on paintballs. They start melting and stick together creating problems to play paintball.

No, Paintball does not too much cost. It generally range from $15 – $30 per 500-round bag and $50-75 per 2,000-round case.

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