How To Find A Paintball Team In Your Area (Ultimate Guide)

Surprisingly, paintballing is usually a lot of fun, it’s even more fun when you play with friends. What is a paintball team, other than a group of friends who get together to play paintball? On a paintball team, you may not be friends with every person when you first join, but as you play with them. You will almost certainly end up friends with almost every one of them.

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Not every paintball team is created with the intention of competing, nor do all paintball teams limit their game to speedball. Certain paintball teams play scenario paintball, others play woodsball, and still others only let players with specific paintball guns, like stock-class or Magfed.

The majority of these paintball teams exist only to unite players that share similar interests in paintball for pleasure. Conversely, teams that play speedball typically organize themselves for the sake of competition; however, only teams in the D1–D3 divisions approach this competition seriously.

It’s time to decide which kind of paintball squad you want to join now that you are aware of the several varieties available. Even better, choose the type of paintball you prefer to play most. 

Upon making this decision, you’ll need to look around your community for a paintball team that plays the specific type of paintball you want to play. Of course, doing this is probably easier said than done.

Where to Look for a Paintball Team

If you’re seeking to join a paintball team but don’t know where to start or aren’t having any luck, here is some of the best advice I can provide you. 

These are some of the best ways to find local paintball teams, though I can’t guarantee that using any of these strategies will get you on one.

Here’s my advice below.

Look for an online paintball team you wish to play with, then connect with the players on social media to set up a playdate. You can also play paintball at some of the local fields until you find a team that piques your interest. 

Since you may improve your skills and boost your value while looking for a team, this is definitely the more successful way to find a paintball team. 

Play At Your Local Field To Find Paintball Team

Going out to play at your neighborhood paintball field (or fields) is the most popular approach to become a new paintball team member. Check this to know about Best Paintball fields. Engaging in paintball practice will not only help you advance your abilities but also raise your visibility to other players on the paintball team.

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Just so you know, don’t expect to be invited back after painting with a paintball squad for a single day. Instead, you ought to wait to approach the players about joining their squad until after they’ve had some opportunity to get to know you. Of course, if they specifically state that they’re looking for new members, you can ask to be invited.

But, if you’re looking to join a competitive speedball squad in the D1–D3 (or possibly D4) paintball team, you might need to showcase your skills before expecting an invitation to join the team.

This is where having all that experience helps. 

Fear you’re not skilled enough to play paintball with a particular team? Try finding out if they require any assistance on practice days. They might just let you play speedball if they’re not a fiercely competitive squad.

Connect with Paintball Teams Through Social Media

The best resource for finding paintball teams to join online is social networking. 

Now, you can talk to people who play paintball nearby and see whether they’re a team you’d like to join without ever leaving the comforts of your home. All you have to do is search for local paintball communities on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (including Facebook groups). 

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Facebook is, in my opinion, the greatest social media site to connect with nearby paintball players. This is because the popularity of paintball groups on Facebook has grown significantly over the last few years, and nearly all paintball players are members of a group that originated in their state or locality.

Being able to talk with other local players and discuss paintball events in your area is one of the advantages of belonging to a Facebook paintball group such as state+paintball or state+magfed, stock-class, speedball, woodsball, etcetera (Florida paintball, Texas paintball, and Florida magfed are some good examples). 

Use Paintball Forums

Paintball forums are the next best resource for finding paintball teams online to join.  

Paintball forums used to be the finest place to go if you wanted to talk to other paintball players online. There weren’t many websites available before social media that you could visit to communicate online with people who had similar interests to your own. There were basically just forums available to you.

The neat thing about paintball forums is that some of the more well-known ones, like and, have sections for every state or area where players can post when they’re trying to find a new team. These sections function similarly to Facebook groups. In addition, you have the option to create a topic in which you indicate your want to join a new team. Other players will then have the option to view your post and determine whether or not to invite you.

Your chances of receiving an invitation to join a team will significantly increase if you have a solid reputation in the community where you post. Naturally, your abilities and disposition will need to take over after you play for that squad for the first time.

Become a Better Player

I advise you to improve as a paintball player if you’ve tried the aforementioned three strategies and you’re still not able to receive an invitation to join a team. Enhancing your paintball talents could lead to an invitation to join a squad that previously would not have extended one.

But if your lack of playing experience is the sole reason you haven’t received an invitation to join a paintball team, then improvement might not even be necessary. On the other hand, it is rather essential. I’ll explain.

Playing paintball or practicing (here are some beginning paintball advice) are the only ways to get better at the sport. Although it’s possible to practice without actually playing paintball, it’s difficult to significantly advance your skills in that way. It’s similar to honing just your free throw and three-point shooting skills in an attempt to get into the NBA. 

Not going to happen.

Be Friendly and Supportive

Finding a paintball team in your neighborhood won’t always result from friendliness and encouragement, but it will increase your chances of receiving an invitation.

You’d be shocked at how well a positive outlook and a beaming smile can work to win people over. It’s not that difficult to stand out and be the positive change you’d like to see in the world in a world full of Karens and pessimists. 

I appreciate you attending my Ted talk, and I wish you well in your search for a paintball team to join!


In conclusion, the cornerstones of a successful paintball team are cohesive collaboration, strategic planning, good communication, and individual skill improvement. In the intense and fast-paced world of paintball, winning requires the ability to adjust to changing game conditions, make the most of each team member’s strengths, and keep a positive team chemistry.


A player’s capacity to scan the battlefield, predict the movements of opponents, and make more informed decisions during games is improved by honing their specific skills.

Whether the team’s goal is to eliminate opponents, defend a position, or capture a flag, strategic planning aids in helping them rank order of importance. This concentration keeps things clear and boosts team productivity.

Effective cooperation makes it possible for team members to respond quickly and effectively in a fast-paced setting, improving their chances of overcoming challenges and accomplishing goals.

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