How to Fill Paintball Tank With Air Compressor – Step by Step

This article we will discuss how to use an air compressor to fill a paintball tank. The Dos and Don’ts you should observe when filling the paintball tank are covered in this tutorial. so, Let’s start!

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Types And Steps To Fill Paintball tank:

Step 1: The Tank type

The type of paintball tank you’ll be utilizing will need to be decided first in order to know how much capacity is accessible. There are primarily two types of tanks: CO2 and HPA.

High-pressure air is kept within HPA paintball tanks and is used to power them. These paintball tanks are perfect for players who wish to fire more shots without having to replenish their tank as frequently because they typically have higher capacities than other types of paintball tanks. However, because they need specialized tools to fill with air, they can be relatively pricey. The HPA’s maximum available capacity ranges from 3k to 5k PSI (pounds per square inch).

The paintballs are fired from the marker and onto the target by CO2 paintball tanks, which use pressurized carbon dioxide gas. This sort of tank is less expensive and simpler to refill than HPA, but it also has significant drawbacks. Your bullets might not be as accurate as you would like them to be since CO2 provides less power to the paintballs than HPA does. In colder climates, CO2 tanks can also freeze, which can interfere with your game. CO2 tanks can range in size from 100 to 1200 milliliters.

Refilling Your Tank – A Guide

The next step is to actually to fill paintball tank after you’ve located your nearest filling location. The compressor for an HPA tank is obviously different from the compressor for a CO2 tank. Your refueling station should contain both, ideally. Here’s how to accomplish it:

Step 2: Find out PSI Tank:

The second critical step to fill the paintball tank would be choosing the correct PSI of the tank.  You should look for a number on the paintball tank, generally there is a label with all the relevant information, to determine how much PSI it stores. This number indicates the tank’s average capacity. Most tanks have a 4,500–5,000 PSI capacity. You shouldn’t fill the tank with more air than the specified PSI.

Pro Tip: Keep a nipple cover on your tank fill valve. This will prevent any mud, dirt, or debris from entering the fill nipple. So you won’t experience any problems with your tank or regulator when it’s time to fill your tank.

Step 3: Empty the Tank:

It is now time to remove any air from the tank after determining the tank’s maximum capacity. This procedure is really easy to follow. simply turn the valve while running a spare remote line to the tank with the other hand empty. Remember to slowly release the air. Rapid air loss can occasionally cause the gel coat on some tanks to break, so you don’t want that to happen. Additionally, make an effort to regulate how chilly the tank becomes as it vents.

Pro Tip: NEVER dry burn a marking. The detents will be blown out by this.

Step 4: Attach Tank to paintball refill station:

It’s time to connect the tank’s fill valve to the filling station at this point. The compressor is typically connected to a quick disconnect at filling stations.  Simply pull the disconnect collar back to attach, insert your fill valve, and then let go of the collar to allow it to travel forward. The collar should spin easily if it has been appropriately locked, so move on to the next step.

Step 5: Pay attention to Gauges:

This part, I suppose, is a little more difficult because it calls for greater focus. The two gauges, one on our tank and the other at the filling station, need to be carefully observed. You need to take a good look at both of the gauges because you never know if one of the two is inaccurate and broken. You can rely on the other gauge in the event that one is damaged. 

Step 6: Don’t go for “Fast” or “Super hot” Fill:

Some fields allow for a quick or super fill, which you may want to avoid. The majority of filters are not routinely cleaned for this reason, which causes the fill station to send water droplets and dirt into the tank along with air. We must therefore push the lever extremely carefully in order to fill the machine quickly rather than slamming it forward. When you can hear the air insertion sound coming from the tank, stop pushing carefully.

Step 7: Finalize:

After the refilling is complete, there is a task that must be completed but is frequently neglected. The extra air that gets pumped into our paintball tank at the gas station is that. By simply depressing the valve that is connected to the compressor, we may evacuate the additional air through the fill tank valve. With a loud noise, this air will release. The sound is not a cause for concern. Finally, simply unplug the hose in the same manner as you did the quick disconnect. Hold the collar while rotating it, then simply detach by pulling the collar backwards. You are now prepared to enter the field. Paintballing success! 

 The guidelines for filling a Paintball tank:

  • Do verify your tank’s “hydro date” and avoid filling it after its expiration date until you get it inspected again.
  • Use no lubricants when filling the nipple since heat generated during filling can react with oil and possibly trigger an explosion.
  • Avoid letting the tank get direct sunlight as this can spark a fire.
  • Avoid filling too quickly since the PSI will drop during rapid filling, which could result in less filling. In other words, only 2500 of the 3000 tank will actually be filled.
  • Make it routine to always clean the gun Must Visit How to clean paintball gun to learn about cleaning of paintball gun after use and to store the pistol and tank separately.
  • For the tank’s quality of life, keep a tiny bit of air in it, but don’t fill it all the way up because that could harm the gun or result in an explosion. No, neither completely fill nor completely empty.
  • Make sure the O ring is connected correctly while connecting the tank, and keep twisting the tank until there are no more leaks.
  • Always fire a few practice shots to relieve some pressure before slowly unscrewing the tank and removing it from the pistol.


It is simple to fill paintball tank with an air compressor. You shouldn’t need more than a few seconds to finish it. Safety comes foremost if you opt to do it yourself. Once you’ve done it correctly, go play some paintball.

In a nutshell, filling the air tank on your paintball pistol is as easy as putting the appropriate pieces together. You’ll discover that the process gets simpler and almost automatic as you get used to it. But since playing frequently also necessitates frequent refilling, purchasing your own air compressor might really save you a ton of money in tiny fees.


Many paintballers ask whether they can use an air compressor to refuel my compressed air tank at home. No, simply put, and let me explain why. Your air tanks’ PSI typically ranges from 3k to 5k (but some have as little as 1k). On the other hand, an average air compressor would rarely reach 150 psi. Therefore, despite your best efforts, your tank would always remain empty. After only a few rounds, or even just one, the tank will run dry altogether. Although there are very minor negative effects aside from disappointment. 

One of the two gauges can be inaccurate and broken. Because of this, we must examine them both closely. You can rely on the other gauge in the event that one is damaged. 

When most filters are not frequently cleaned, the filling station will also force some water droplets and dirt into the tank along with the air. Therefore, we must fill the gas slowly while not pulling the lever too firmly.

The closest thing to affordable filling is a diving tank, which a fire station could refill. Before purchasing a diving tank, be sure to check out the fire stations in your neighborhood. This happens frequently during practice for smaller teams or athletes who are unable to routinely go to the field.

It has been fastened correctly if the collar spins around the spin valve extremely easily. If not, keep spinning it until you can no longer spin.

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