How To Clean Paintball Mask?

Paintball mask lens cleaning is the most important for paintballing, if your lens is foggy, and not properly clean then you cannot play with confidence and your target isn’t visible. I always keep my paintball mask lens clean to target my opponent from 30 yards away. if your opponent attack then they might to get advantage of your blurry lens.

If you have to a clean paintball mask lens then you can use different methods to clean it without getting scratches. Clean lens gives help in clear visual to your target, but if your lens is not clean then you have a blurry and foggy visual then you cannot focus on your opponent. Paintballing always needs perfect vision to target the opposite player.   

Tips for cleaning paintball mask

A crucial step in maintaining your equipment and ensuring clear focus during games is cleaning the lens of your paintball mask. The lens is subjected to dirt, dust, and paint when playing, so it must be kept clean to prevent scratches and fogging. You may clean your mask lens using a number of techniques that won’t harm the lens or affect your lens.

I’ll describe how to clean the paintball mask lens in this Blog, along with the many cleaning techniques you can apply, such as using a microfiber cloth, lens cleaning solution, and compressed air and polycarbonate spray.

Here are steps to clean paintball mask:

  1. First, you remove the lens from the mask and then clean then you can clean it properly.
  2. For cleaning the lens must use a microfiber cloth to remove dust from the lens.
  3. You can also use polycarbonate spray for cleaning paintball mask lenses. But do not use other chemicals for cleaning the lens because they may damage the lens and create scratches.
  4. Next, you can use compressed air like me for foggy lenses to remove fog.
  5. After cleaning the lens with multiple procedures again use a microfiber cloth again to clean the remaining dust particles.
  6. After using the above methods then again put the lens back to the paintball mask.
  7. When you finish your field activity, repeat the process again.

Bonus Tip for Lens Cleaning

The manufactured company of paintball mask Lens Company must keep the catalog in Box on how to clean the paintball mask lens. Because every company knows which material they used to manufacture and they give precautions to keep the paintball mask Lens.

  • Important Note: Must remove the lens from the paintball mask then you can clean it properly.

How to clean anti fog paintball Mask with polycarbonate spray?

Paintball lenses are made of polycarbonate plastic material. That’s why polycarbonate spray does not affect the paintball lens, spray on Lenz and keep for a while to remove dust particles. To use this spray first of all remove your lens from mask. Then spray this polycarbonate on the lens. At last wipe out spray with microfiber cloth which prevent mask from scratches.

paintball mask lens cleaner, clean paintball mask

How to Clean Paintball Lens with Microfiber Cloth?

Lens cleaner of paintball mask
how to clean Paintball mask.

After spraying, wipe off the spray with a microfiber lens cloth to remove dust particles from the lens. Because microfiber lens cloth does not create scratches on the paintball lens. I always found it better for cleaning microfiber lens cloth.

One other thing that always keeps in mind microfiber cloth don’t dry this in dryer, if you did this then the tiny microfiber cloth will burn and become hard which gives scratches to the lens.

clean a paintball lens with compressed air

When I use compressed air to clean my paintball lens it gives me the best result to remove dust and fog from the paintball mask lens. Compressed air does not damage the lens and does not create scratches on the paintball mask.

If you don’t have Lens Cleaner to clean the mask lens which is recommended by the Manufacturer Company and if you don’t have this opportunity to clean your lens then you can use following method for cleaning.

  1. Separate the lens from the mask.
  2. Take mild soap and mix with warm water (warm water not boiling water) in a small Pan.
  3. Take a microfiber cloth and dip it into the mixture of mild soap and warm water.
  4. Carefully clean the paintball mask lens with a soapy microfiber cloth.
  5. Now pick the clean microfiber cloth and wipe off the lens. And must remember that clean with soft hands not rub with more force that creates scratches on the lens.
  6. At last use a dry microfiber cloth to clean. When you have done all steps then again put back the lens in the paintball mask.

Things not to do in cleaning paintball mask

Here are some following items mentioned below which you can not use for cleaning paintball mask lens,

1. Normal Towel

For cleaning paintballs do not use a towel because a towel creates scratches on the lens causes damage to your lens. Always use microfiber cloth not paper towel, because paper towel or paper tissue do not have the plane surface they can damage your paintball mask lens, so avoid the use of normal towel and paper tissue.

clean paintball mask
Towel Not to Use

2. Glass Cleaning Spray

The problem with glass cleaner spray is that it has different types of chemicals like alcohol. That’s why I do not recommend glass cleaning spray. Paintball mask lenses are made with polycarbonate plastic which affects the use of alcoholic spray so don’t use it for cleaning. If you use glass cleaning spray then your lens becomes foggy.

Spray for glass cleaning
Spray not to use

3. Boiling Water

To remove dust particles and paint from paintball mask lenses do not use boiling water because if you try to clean the lens with boiling water your lens will go foggy and may be cracked. If your lens is foggy your vision is blurred.

Boiling water, hot water
Boiling Water


Paintball mask lens is the most important item to playing paintball in the field and I tried to explain paintball lens related issues in this article. If you follow these all steps then you can keep your paintball mask lens clean and secure to perform good game in paintball field. So, must buy the best paintball mask. And keep it with proper care and clean on a regular basis for a long life.


Yes, Thermal paintball mask is good made up with dual pane and greatly reduce the fogging while playing. These are compromised of two separate lens.

Yes, it is one of the most important protective gear which protect your head and face in paintball while playing. It is definatly safe things which gives you full time protection. I always use paintball mask during play.

This additional layer of petroleum acts as a non- reactive prophylactic emollient to prevent irritation and allows player to wear mask to give better experience.

Yes, you can play paintball with glasses but it is risky. Glasses will only give protection to your eyes not face and there is chances of getting bruises and injuries. I always recommend to use paintball mask because it gives full protection to your face.

Yes, it is good that’s why I mentioned in this article about cleaning of lens. The manufactured company of paintball mask Lens Company must keep the catalog in Box on how to clean the paintball mask lens. It is best to use it.

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