How To Clean A Paintball Gun?

The craze of paintball increasing day by day among every person. To play paintball you have to know about the rules, guidance, and pinpoints of the game. Cleaning paintball guns is one of them. It is like brushing your teeth. The question is how to clean the paintball gun. You’ll get the answer in this blog.

With time the lubricant in your gun will slowly dry out and inside markers will be covered with a layer of oil, paint, dirt, debris, and grime. This is due to lack of lubricant and cleaning of paintball gun results will eventually lead or bad performance due to excess amount of paint and dirt. The shooting and aiming capacity of the gun become low and your gun loses its accuracy. To Improve your gun accuracy visit this blog-post Paintball Gun Accuracy.

Luckily all of these problems can be avoided by cleaning your paintball marker daily. Here I tell the easiest and most common method to clean paintball markers.

Importance of cleaning paintball gun before game

Cleaning paintball guns is very much easier than you think. It is very important to clean paintball guns daily. Because after playing your gun become dirty with paint and dirt and if you do not clean the gun properly then your gun will give a bad performance or paintball stuck inside while playing and shooting results failure of the marker.

The repairing of paintball guns is very expensive. So, it is necessary to clean your paintball marker after every game to save the expenditure of repairing it.

Short method to clean paintball gun properly

Cleaning the paintball gun starts with removing the barrel and cleaning it with a squeegee. After that, you will need to take apart the marker, and then clean the inside of the marker with cloth, add the grease where needed, and then reassemble the gun. After that clean the outside of the gun with a paper towel and use alcohol to clean out the tiny cracks. It is the complete short method to clean the gun.

Clean gun properly

Material required to clean paintball marker

Here are some materials required to clean the paintball gun properly

  • Cloth or paper towels
  • Barrel swab or squeegee
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Oil and grease
  • Warm water
  • Toothbrush
  • Extra O-rings
  • Other maintenance tools

Seven Steps To Clean Paintball Gun

Step 1: Degas the paintball gun

The first step of cleaning the paintball marker is to remove the CO2 or HPA tank which is connected to the marker. After the removal of the air source, I suggest you pull the trigger gently toward the wall to make sure that there is no air left inside the paintball marker.

Mostly paintball guns are “degassed” once they have been disconnected from the air tank, while some of the guns hold gas for only one shot after disconnection. Always check the air in the gun after the removal of the air source. If you do not degas the gun properly it could cause severe injury to you while cleaning.

Step 2: Remove the barrel

The second step in cleaning a paintball gun is to remove and clean the barrel. The tool which is recommended to you in cleaning gun barrels is a barrel swab and squeegee.

A barrel swab is a long object which can easily be folded in half and has a soft fuzzy swab that covers both ends of the long object. While on the other side squeegee is a type of device used to clean the inside of a paintball gun barrel. The squeegee is a long rod with a puff at its end which goes inside the barrel to clean it.

Barrel Swab, squeegee

Firstly, take hot water mixed with soap then put your barrel in that water for 10-15 minutes. Once the soaking of the barrel is done then dry it with a clean barrel swab or squeegee to remove any moisture over it. It also helps in the removal of paint, dirt, debris, etc. Use a squeegee to clean water, or any leftover paint inside the barrel.

Step 3: De-assemble the paintball gun

After the removal of the air tank and cleaning of the barrel, the third step is to de-assemble your paintball gun marker for deep cleaning.

It is very simple to de-assemble the paintball gun. It will be as easy as tightening the nut and bolt. Firstly unscrew the marker with a screwdriver then pull out all screws. Whereas some paintball guns feel like you are playing a board game operation when take apart the marker.

Step 4: Clean of paintball marker from the inside

Now it is time to clean the internals of your paintball guns. To start the cleaning process I suggest you use a paper towel or cloth to eliminate and remove the old paint, oil, or grease on your hammer, bolts, or other internal parts. According to my understanding changing the grease every time isn’t necessary. Don’t change the grease every time while cleaning the paintball gun marker

If the internal of your paintball gun is so dirty that a cloth is not able to clean then take hot soapy water dampen your cloth with it then clean your marker with that cloth. Make sure to dry out your marker properly before you put back everything.

If you want to clean out anything from tiny cracks or crevices or the grip of your paintball marker then use Q-tips or rubbing alcohol. If you are using an electronic paintball marker you can also dampen your Q-tips with either rubbing or denatured alcohol to remove small paint which is stuck.

Step 5: Add Grease where needed

After cleaning off all internal of your paintball gun now it’s time to add some lube oil or grease to your hammer, bolt, O-rings, and possibly where needed. Some paintball guns such as Spyder, etc. only require oil while on the other side, some paintball guns need only grease and no oil. Some guns such as automags require both oil and grease. Make sure to read the manual for cleaning your paintball gun.

I suggest you use Dow 33 as its most suitable grease for paintball guns. There are other lubricants also such as Dow 55 but I wouldn’t recommend you use this form of grease

Step 6: Reassemble your paintball gun

After greasing all the internals of your paintball gun now it’s time to reassemble it. It’s time to again follow the instructions in your manual to make sure you put everything back together correctly. You can also watch online videos on YouTube to learn how to put your gun back together.

Step 7: Clean the external of the gun

After putting back everything properly now it’s time to clean the external of the marker with a Microfiber cloth or Q-tips and an old brush. Don’t use Paper cloth made from anodized aluminum. External portions of the marker include the frame, grip, trigger, handle, regulator, ASA, and any other part of the marker which is dirty with paint.

Cleaning the outside of your paintball gun is not going to improve the gun’s accuracy or performance but it will enhance your marker and your gun looks better and clean.


The paintball gun is the main component of the paintball game you cannot play paintball without the gun. It is necessary to clean the paintball gun after every game. With time your guns need deep clean service. First of all Degas your marker then remove the barrel and took apart the gun then do cleaning with cloth and reassemble it properly.


Yes, you can clean your paintball gun after every use, infact it is necessary to clean because your paintball gun become dirty with paint after every game.

Yes, paintball is easily wash-able from both of your clothes and guns because paintball are water soluble, non-toxic item which is easily remove-able.

You can use a microfiber cloth with soapy water to clean the outside of the paintball marker and a barrel swab or squeegee to clean the inside of your paintball marker.

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