How Much Does Paintball Hurt?

When we start to play paintball the first thought that comes to mind is that does paintball hurt or not it’s natural. You think about the pain to get from paintball hitting. It’s very normal for players to feel a short pain when they take a paintball shot from the opposite player, and the tendency of pain depends upon the speed of the ball, distance from the other player, and where it hurt your body part. This pain is for a short time go away quickly.

Every paintball player has a pain threshold because every player has own physical health. With my search, I asked so many pro players does paintball hurt. Every player has a different opinion about this some players said paintball doesn’t hurt so much and some people said it hurts a little bit. So, you can say it hurts like a firm flick but also depends on the other factor which you cannot ignore how such as paintball speed, distance, and body parts of players.

Is Paintball Painful?

In paintballing you enjoy quality time with friends but if you are new to paintballing then maybe you get hurt from a paintball hit and get injured. Paintball is a safe game but shooting involves some risk of minor welt and injuries, and this can happen mostly with new players.

Bruises of paintball occur blow to the skin when you get hit by the opposite team player. It can be hurtful for you if the other player hit from a minimum distance because if the distance is minimum then you receive paintball with maximum speed, and it creates the bruises or welts on your skin. Same before I told you every player has his threshold so there is no confirmed answer that how much paintball is hurting. Because different factors are involved in this.

Paintball bruises and welts are the main two injuries that hurt you in paintballing. If you want to avoid bruises and welts during the game then you must wear paintball gear to protect your body and minimize the risk of pain you get from paintball hitting.

Different Ways to reduce paintball pain

Paintball gear like a paintball vest, which protects your front body side, paintball knee pad which protects your knees, and paintball elbow pad which protects your elbows, and other protective gear you can use for other parts of your body. But if you not to buy expensive clothes for paintballing then you can use old clothes like baggy jeans, t-shirts, old hoodies, and other used clothes because if used clothes are damaged with paint then you don’t hurt.

If you wear old or used clothes with layers of more than one this minimizes the risk of getting hurt from paintball and also minimizes the risk of pain you get from paintballing.

Reasons to get hurt from paintball

Here are some reasons or factors that determine how much paintball hurt:

What is The Quality Of Paintball?

There are different types of paintballs with high and low quality. Some paintballs are of low quality while others are of high quality. Low-quality paintball has a hard shell that is difficult to break when hit. High-quality paintballs break immediately after hitting a surface or person. I always use and give suggestions to new players of paintball to use high-quality paintballs while playing.

Paintballs, Paintball Types

How far away you are From Paintball Shot

Shot distance means, how far from a paintball shot? The paintball travels from a point of shot to the target as it moves, it loses power. If you are getting hit by a paintball from near then there are chances of getting pain. If you get hit from long-distance then there is no pain or may be less pain. That is why the paintball field has a rule of shooting your opponent from at least 10 feet away.

Paintball Shots, Playing Paintball

Getting hit by a paintball

Paintball pain also depends upon the number of times you get hit. If you are getting hit by a quality paintball from a distance then there is no chance of pain. However, you get paint if you are hit at the same spot more than once. Always try to wear safety gear while playing paintball as I mentioned before. According to my and other players’ experience, the neck and feet are the most hit parts, try to protect them while playing.

Paintball Hit, Paintball injury

Point to getting hit by a paintball

When you get hit by a paintball, different parts of your body hurt differently. If you get hit at your back then you feel pain because your back has few muscles. On the other side if paintball hits on bare skin that may also hurt that’s why try to cover yourself with protective gear.

3 Different Ways to avoid paintball pain

As I mentioned above, every paintball player has a pain threshold because every player has own physical health. On one side, the pain is low but on the other side the pain is high but it is possible to save yourself from getting hit and pain.

Here are some ways to reduce pain:

Wear Paintball protective gear

With paintball protective gear you can cover your skin and save yourself from getting hit which causes pain. Paintball hurt more when it hits on nakedness like elbow, shoulders, etc. Always try to wear paintball protective gear while playing paintball. Try to choose the right thing for the right portion of your body. For example wear elbow pads on the elbow, vest on chest, helmet on head, etch.

Use Groin protectors

It is one of the main things for both males and females because it protects the private part of the body. Both genders should use a groin protector while playing paintball. Many players avoid using it because it makes them feel uncomfortable but I suggest you use a groin protector for your safety.

Groin Protectors

Follow Paintball Rules

Like other games, paintball games also have several guidelines or rules which help in keeping you safe. If you follow these guidelines, it helps to reduce your chances of getting hit and pain. For example,

Shout louder if you are hit by a paintball this will help other players to identify that you got hit and eliminated. It saves you from getting more hits. If you want to know more about rules then visit paintball rules.


When we start to play paintball the first thought that comes to mind does paintball hurt or not. It’s natural you think about the pain to get from paintball hitting. Paintballing hurts if you do not know what to wear for paintball while playing . It also depends on the pain threshold because every player has own physical health. You can save yourself from getting pain by following paintball rules, wearing paintball protective gear, etc.


This question is common in paintballing so the answer is that yes paintball hurts with amour but this reduces the tendency of pain, if you wear armor then you feel the minor pain of paintball hurting.

With my experience, paintball does not hurt so much, it hurt just like a firm flick. Another thing is that paintball speed and the distance from other players also matter and also depend that where the body is hit with the paintball.

It is difficult to measure the pain when you get from paintball. It just depends on your body tolerance level how much your body feels, also depends where your body gets hit. In actuality, there is no paintball pain scale to measure paintball pain.

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