Airsoft Vs Paintball: What’s the Difference?

Which is better paintball or airsoft, this question came to my mind then so many times that who wins in paintball vs airsoft comparison. In this article you’ll find the answer. So, when you thinking about a fun warfare-type game then two games are best to play. Airsoft and paintball, so many people don’t know the main difference between the two games. It very difficult to find which one suit for you.

There are many differences between these two sports paintball and airsoft. In paintballing one team shoots other team players with gelatin capsules called paintballs. Paintball shot through low-powered air weapons called markers. while on the other hand airsoft is a combat simulation where you hit pallets at another opponent team. Airsoft uses plastic bb pallets that do not hurt much like paintball on the other hand paintballs are used in paintball game that hit more affect the opponent’s body and cause bruises on the body.

What is difference between airsoft and paintball?



1. In paintball players compete in teams and individually to eliminate other team players or individuals. In paintball also use paintballs to hit the opponent and this is water soluble material.
2. Paintball guns are powered by HPA and CO2.
3. In the paintball equipment list, some main attire is a paintball mask, paintball marker, paintball tank, and paintball hopper.
4. Paintball guns consist of a paintball tank hopper and paintball marker. the paintball marker must be held upright for the correct loading of the paintballs.
5. Paintball and hopper. Hopper contains paintballs in different amounts. Hopper has placed the different guns. Hopper are different types concerning speed you can buy which is suitable for you.
6. Paintball guns are easy to load with the help of pods, pods are carried by pod packs. Paintball is not easy to carry concerning airsoft.
1. In airsoft, players shoot rounds of non-metallic pellets launched via replica firearms. And it has no standard definition everyone plays with a different thought of mind.
2. In airsoft accessories Magazines, BB-bullet (See revolvers)
3. In airsoft we use an Airsoft gun, Eye protection(somewhere we use a full mask), and other optional items used in airsoft.
4. We use full imitation or 51% brightly-coloured 2-tone guns. Mostly 2-tone used due to cheap practice guns to get people’s attention and the law. Airsoft guns powered by CO2, rechargeable batteries, and springs.
5. Airsoft guns are more difficult to load concerning paintball because of the magazine. Airsoft is easy to carry.

6. Airsoft is cheaper than paintball. Airsoft bbs are $10-25 per 5000bbs.

Airsoft vs Paintball Pain: which hurt’s More?

When we want to play airsoft and paintball one thing comes to mind which one more critical concerning pain. New players are also concerned about the pain that which one is more hurt paintball or airsoft. We have many friends who have many stories of hurt during gameplay. so which one is more hurtful I will explain here with my personal experience.

Airsoft Pain

Many people think that airsoft hurts more than paintball, but in real pain of airsoft hit hurts less than paintball. Airsoft guns look like real guns but airsoft shoots tiny bullets and does not create any bruises and pain on the body.

Pain depends on many factors like how much you hurt with a shoot and where you hit, it also depends on what are your tolerance level to bear the pain. For example: if someone shot your neck a few feet away is more hurtful if someone hit you far distance on your back because every shot has its own characteristics.

Airsoft vs paintball pain

If you want to reduce the pain of airsoft pallets then must wear airsoft safety clothing gear.

Paintball Pain

Paintball is a more popular activity/sport, and from my own experience, paintball shot hurts more than airsoft.

Why does paintball cause more pain? Here are some important factors that involve in paintballing which make paintball hit more effectively than airsoft. The main factor is Size of the paintball is bigger than the tiny pallet of airsoft. The Velocity of the paintball makes the painful. Same I explain before if you hit your opponent shorter distance affects the body of the opposite player more than if you hit a longer distance it does not create more pain.

Paintball Bruise

The size of the paintball impact surface, if you get hit with an airsoft pallet on your pent you get a small hit on a small area of your body and if you get hit with a paintball it covers a larger area of your body and creates bruises on the skin and if you need to know about paintball bruises treatment then visit: How to treat paintball bruises?

If you want to reduce pain you can wear padded shirts, paintball gloves, paintball shoes, and paintball masks to protect your body. If you wear proper paintball clothing then you can save your body from the unwanted pain of paintball hitting.

Note: If you have more safety gear on your body, then you’re going to get less pain of shooting paintball.

Airsoft Vs Paintball Range: What’s Main Difference?

Some people ask questions about the range of paintball and airsoft. So, practice is the main thing that makes you perfect to answer this question.

Paintball shoot average range is 300 fps but some special paintball guns shoot more than 300 fps. You can say paintball guns can shoot 150-300 feet with 300 fps. Keep in mind the effective range of the paintball gun is shorter than the maximum range. Another factor of the accuracy of a paintball gun, if you want more accuracy than the range, is the decrease of the paintball gun. Paintball shoot range also depends on accuracy of gun. So, if you want to increase the paintball gun accuracy then visit: 5 Tips to improve paintball gun accuracy.

The Airsoft gun range is more like a paintball gun because airsoft pallets are smaller than paintballs. Size is a small bbs pallet so it can fire faster with an airsoft gun, but the impact is not the same as paintball due to its small size. Airsoft guns shoot bbs pallets 100-200 feet but some special airsoft guns can shoot 200-300feet. So the airsoft range is more than the paintball gun because of the bbs pallet. Airsoft guns are more accurate concerning paintball guns because it fine-tuned by owners to take short or long distances.

Paintball guns are shooting paintball that’s why paintballs are bigger than bbs pallet of airsoft gun, so gravity affect the range of paintballs. That is why you would not find more range with paintball guns. Paintballs are also fine-tuned but the tuning does not extend the range more than the airsoft pallet.


When it comes to deciding between paintball vs airsoft it ultimately depends on preferences. Paintball offers an experience, with its larger impactful paintballs that provide a strong hit which can hurt or maybe cause bruises. On the hand airsoft takes a tactical approach with its smaller BB pellets. Factors like pain tolerance, gameplay style and the desire for precision play a role in making the decision. Paintballs high intensity and shorter range can be compared to airsoft’s focus on accuracy.


Paintball is a game where players shoot paintball with other players with paintball markers. Airsoft is a combat simulation game where players shoot other players with bbs pallets to be eliminated from the game.

Paintball has more energy than airsoft bbs pallets so paintball hit harder than bbs pallets. Paintballs have more surface area as compared to airsoft 6mm pallets, so paint going to leave more bruises on the body concerning the bbs pallet of airsoft guns

Paintballs are more expensive than airsoft. A 2000 bag of paintball is a minimum cost of 60$ and the same quantity of bbs pallet are around about 15$.

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