5 Tips To Improve Paintball Gun Accuracy

Paintball is the most enjoyable game I always enjoy playing paintball, in paintballing most important thing you must keep in mind when you play your paintball gun accuracy because in shooting If your gun accuracy is not good then you must find a way to enhance your gun accuracy. Here I give you some suggestions with my experience as a paintball player to improve paintball gun accuracy.

Many factors affect accuracy of paintball gun first one is Paintballs, Gun Barrels, air effect, and the physics law. Because paintballs are in different sizes that’s why you cannot fire correctly. But don’t need to worry here in this blog I will explain my personal experience that how to maintain paintball gun accuracy. There are many steps you can follow and increase your paintball gun accuracy.

Bonus Tips To Improve paintball Gun Accuracy

The things you must keep in mind is that you must identify which factors affect the paintball gun accuracy means if you did not find the correct reason then you can’t maintain the gun accuracy. Two types of forces make the paintball gun accurate.

  1. Forces you can control (paintball shape, Paintball gun barrels)
  2. Forces you can’t control (air, physics law)

How to improve paintball gun accuracy?

There is a misunderstanding about the accuracy of paintball guns some paintball markers are more accurate than others but according to my experience, it is wrong. It is true that some paintball guns are more consistent and good-looking than others but no gun is superior in accuracy than others. At the end of the day all paintball guns work’s same.

Here are some tips to follow for improving paintball marker accuracy:

Role of paintballs in gun accuracy

I always prefer to use good-quality paintballs like me if you use good-quality paintballs for shooting gives more benefits in paintball gun accuracy. If you have a good paintball gun and you are pro paintball player but you don’t have good quality paintballs for shooting then your gun accuracy gives minimum output. So avoid using bad-quality paintballs for shooting.

Good quality paintballs are consistent in size, and round shape. Good and high-quality paintballs always reach on target correctly. If the paintballs are not good and out of shape then they are not chasing the target. Round shape paintball flow in the air in the correct way and the bad shape paintball does not flow properly in the air and miss the target, also bad shape paintballs when you put on a target catch the air and spin in the air and lose the target.

Paintball role, paintball gun accuracy

Another thing size of the paintballs have in consistent sizes if your paintballs are in consistent size then the velocity remains consistent and you can easily target the opponent player, the same size of the paintball also matter in gun accuracy same size maintain the velocity of paintballs and keep your gun barrel perfect because the different sizes of paintballs disturb the gun barrel, same sizes paintballs reach with the same velocity.

Use accurate Bore Size Barrel

The next step to improve paintball gun accuracy is to use an accurate bore-size barrel. To get the correct size of the barrel there are different ways you can either use under-bore, overbore, or paint-to-bore match. This is the way where you can match the size of your bore to the size of paintballs.

Paintball marker barrel, paintball gun barrel

I always use paint-to-bore matches because most players believe that it is the most effective way to increase the accuracy of your paintball gun. But for some players over-bore and under-bore are better for optimal accuracy. When the barrel of paintball is under the bore size of the paintball then there is under-boring. When your barrel is more than the size of a bore or paintball then there is s over-boring.

Tip: You can check the bore size of your barrel by facing the barrel towards the ground then drop your paintball into the barrel from the top end. If a paintball is stuck inside and blown out with small air from your breath then your size of bore to the size of your paintballs is perfect. If not, then you need to improve it.

Clean Your Paintball Marker

If your paintball marker loses its accuracy then there must be a reason that your paintball gun, paintball barrel, or loader is not properly clean. While playing paintball debris, dust, grime oil, and leftover paint are the main reason for losing aim because these things are interacting with paintballs in your marker resulting in bad accuracy.

For cleaning the paintball gun you’ll need to take it apart so you can wipe out all dust, debris, and paint from the breach. After removing all dust, oil, and paint from your marker add oil where it needs to be added and replace the O-rings if need.

Paintball gun equipment, paintball markers

You should also need to remove excess oil from your barrel, loader, and pods, take hot water, and do deep cleaning of these things. I always use hot water to remove excess paint from my paintball gear. Drop your all gear in hot water mixed with a small amount of soap for around about 5-10 minutes. Then take them out and rinse them with clean hot water to remove soap until all residues are removed. Once cleaned, dry out your all gear. Make sure to remove all electronics from your paintball marker before cleaning.

Use of HPA Instead of CO2

Using CO2 to power your gun is an old method. Nowadays players from all around the world use high-pressure air (HPA) because it is a great way to improve the overall accuracy of paintball guns. It also provides more consistent output pressure compared to CO2. The reason is that HPA is compressed air in the tank while on the other side, CO2 needs to be turned into gas whenever the marker is fired because it is liquid.

HPA is much cleaner and less volatile than CO2 because it is only compressed air. Because of that, it gives better accuracy and consistency.

Verify everything works properly

Assemble your paintball marker then check your gun to make sure that it is as accurate as possible or that everything in the gun functioning properly. If the velocity of the gun begins to fluctuate more than normal then maybe you have a faulty regulator that needs to be fixed or replaced.

If everything works properly then there is nothing to worry about. Just make sure to clean your maker on a daily basis after playing a paintball game.


To improve your paintball gun accuracy make sure to clean your paintball marker. Because it is one of the most important things in improving paintball accuracy. To clean your paintball marker disassemble it then clean all non-electronics parts with hot soapy water. This results in the removal of dust, debris, extra oil, and paint. Then reassemble your marker and make sure everything works properly.


If you want to increase paintball gun accuracy must use the long barrel it will be easier to target, otherwise barrel gives some problem. Paintball barrel gun must be 12 to 16 inch and this is the ideal size of barrel

In normal paintball, the gun range is 80-130 feet but in some special paintballs guns range is more than 250 feet.

You can increase your paintball gun velocity, check your tank output pressure, grease your paintball gun, and use an HPA tank in winter these changes make your shoot harder.

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